Our Story

The idea for DoggieShare came shortly after Alex and Monica started their design and development company Almond in January 2016.

An ad was posted in their neighbourhood looking for someone to walk Alfie the Pug during the day. His owner Sarah was unable to come home for lunch due to work commitments, and as Dog Lovers and Auckland renters, Alex and Monica were unable to get their own dog, so they got in touch.

Over the next few months, what started as a couple of walks a week turned into three or four days a week; relaxing at the home office, walks, sleep overs and weekend trips, with Alfie enjoying all of the extra attention and cuddles.

It quickly became clear that Sarah’s situation wasn’t unique, and that thousands of dog owners across New Zealand find that they are often limited in how much attention they can provide their dogs when they have work or travel commitments. Dog sitting services aren’t new, and there are other solutions out there that look to charge a premium to dog owners per walk or sitting appointment. While some owners can afford this; many can’t. This didn’t sit right with us, so we built DoggieShare.

Unlike most pet sharing services, DoggieShare does not look to charge owners for sitting, walks, or holiday care; it is built with both Dog Lovers and Dog Owners in mind.

Dog Lovers who do not own a dog, can connect with unlimited Dog owners looking to get their Doggie some more attention, and enjoy all the benefits and love of having a dog without the commitment.

Dog Owners can also connect to other owners to organise meet ups and playdates.

DoggieShare Foundation

In November 2016, we picked up our pug puppy Harvey (Alfie’s younger brother) at nine weeks old, but within one week he was devastatingly diagnosed with a mast cell tumour (Grade 2).

Following an operation and one week of recovery treatment, we were informed by our insurance company that we would not be covered for any of the $2,500+ costs.

Thankfully, we were helped by the amazing NZ pug community through their generosity and donations on our Give A Little Page.

Following this experience, we are looking to set up the DoggieShare Foundation where we will look to help Dog Owners in similar situations if they need extra help.

A % of all profits from DoggieShare will go into this fund.

Alex + Monica