How It Works

DoggieShare is a community platform aimed at bringing together both Dog Owners and Dog Lovers to care for their canine pals.

I’m a dog owner - why should I join doggieShare?

DoggieShare allows Dog Owners to connect to Dog Lovers; ensuring you can provide your dog with tons of extra walks, adventures and even holiday care if you’re not able to be with your dog 100% of the time.

You can save $100’s a month on doggie daycare and walking services whilst knowing your dog is still receiving plenty of extra love and attention in your absence.  Owners can also connect to each other to arrange their own playdates, adventures, and meet more doggie friends.

All users are verified using our 3-step verification process; so Dog Owners can find and connect with Dog Lovers online to care for their pooch, whilst gaining peace of mind knowing that their dog is having a blast with their new buddy.

I’m a dog lover - why should I join doggieShare?

Dog Lovers join because they love dogs! If you are unable to have a dog of your own due to lack of time, space, or money then DoggieShare is perfect for you.  

We don’t think there’s any reason why anyone should be without a canine buddy. 

Whether it’s walking a dog once a week or hanging out with some doggies whilst their owners are out; the options are endless.  You could even meet up with other Dog Lovers for pawsome adventures! 

Dog Lovers sign up because of their eternal love for dogs, and do not charge for their services.